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Quality service for quality products 

Make sure that your instruments perform their best at all times by choosing quality maintenance and service.

We can help you with any need you have within service, whether it is technical product support, planned maintenance, or installations. 

You can expect a fast response time in case your device needs repair.



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Local service - international expertise


We provide service to customers across the Nordics. We offer local service with international expertise. Select between on-site repairs performed at your laboratory or have your instrument shipped for repair at our repair center, depending on the situation and your lab schedule.

Our service organization is flexible and can provide service on your instruments anywhere in the Nordics. Our service engineers can also assist you relocate instruments that require delicate handling.





Service that meets your needs




Service needs vary, we understand that. For that reason, we have a variety of different service types to choose from, and we even offer customized solutions to ensure that you get the coverage you need. 





Experienced service organization



With more than 30 years of experience in service, you can rest assured that we have got you covered. We know every little detail of the instruments after having worked with them for several years. We only use original spare parts and calibrated service tools and equipment.

Our long experience and up-to-date training is your guarantee that we will find the right solution to any service-related issue. Your task is in safe hands with us.



Certified service engineers and original spare parts




Our service engineers are trained and certified by our suppliers, to ensure that you get highly qualified service on both existing and new products.

We perform repairs only with original spare parts and follow all service protocols and guidelines from each supplier so that we can secure optimal performance of your instruments.




Service and maintenance made hassle-free




Our aim is to allow you to focus on your tasks while we ensure that your instruments are running.

 Getting your instruments serviced should be easy, so we take care of contacting you when it is time for a service visit or renewal of your contract. Following a service visit, we will always send you a service report. We keep track of your service record for future reference.