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Frequently Asked Questions

How to order


You can order by email or telephone or by our Webshop. To order through our Webshop, you must first set up a user account. Within the Webshop, you can save 'Favorites' lists for quick future order and reorders, apply any discount codes you have received, and easily print your receipts.      

Simply login or  create an account  and shop thourgh our selection of products directly by entering  a search query, or by browsing our Instruments , Reagents and kits or Consummables sections.   

Contact us    Login / Create an account   

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How to get Application Support


Please contact us, to get Application Support.

I need Application Support   

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My instrument broke down, how do I proceed?


If your instrument broke down, please contact us. 

Contact Service 

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What is the delivery time?


Standard stock items are usually delivered within 1-2 business days. For most other items, you can expect delivery within 3-7 business days. After your order has left our warehouse, you will receive an email with a track & trace number.


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How do I get a quote ?

In order to get a quote, please contact your local Product Specialist. If you do not know who that is, contact Customer Care and they will help you.

Request a quote

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