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Get vouchers for your new lab worth up to 15.000 DKK !

Are you moving to a new or renovated lab? Maybe starting a new group based on foundings or grants?
At AH diagnostics we want to support you by supplying you with basic lab consumables at a great price.



Get vouchers for your new lab

Order Clearline basic lab consumables and :


  • Spend 20.000 DKK to receive a 5.000 DKK voucher*
  • Spend 50.000 DKK  to receive a second 5.000 DKK voucher*
  • Spend 200.000 DKK  to receive a third and final 5.000 DKK voucher*


* The voucher is valid for Clearline products only, and can not be combined with any other offers or discounts.  
The offer is valid until October 30, 2023. Each voucher is only valid one time per lab.



find everything you need 

With the Clearline products from Dutcher you will find every basic labware you need - from pipette tips and petri dishes to smaller instruments like centrifuges and water baths. Look for Clearline basic lab consumables in the Dutscher catalog.


See the Dutscher catalog Contact Product Manager Consumables, Sofie Voigt