15% off OneComp- UltraComp eBeads

01.04.2018 | 15% off OneComp- UltraComp eBeads

The perfect solution for compensation.


OneComp eBeads and UltraComp eBeads are the perfect solution for compensation.


Enjoy these features:

  • Capture mouse, rat, and hamster antibodies of IgG and IgM isotype independent of the light chain
  • Each vial contains a mixture of beads coated with capture antibody, resulting in a positive bead, or uncoated, serving as a negative bead
  • Beads combined in one vial and dispensed as a single drop
  • UltraComp eBeads are optimized for the violet laser  

Right now, we offer 15% off on the following eBeads:*


 Item no.  Description 
  01-2222-41  UltraComp eBeads Compensation beads  25 tests
  01-2222-42  UltraComp eBeads Compensation beads  100 tests
  01-1111-41  OneComp eBeads  25 tests 
   01-1111-42  OneComp eBeads  100 tests 



* Please state campaign code CM00220 when ordering to obtain the discount.
The campaign is valid until June 29, 2018.



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