Save 10-15% on ELISA kits

01.10.2018 | Save 10-15% on ELISA kits

Highest precision and accuracy with ultimate ergonomics and increased flexibility.

Choose from a wide range of ELISA kits for your analyses. The wide selection supports numerous targets and species. 
Among our ELISA kits, you will find ready-to-use ELISA kits, coat-it-yourself ELISA kits, Instant-ELISA kits, Speed-ELISA kits, and CE/IVD marked ELISA kits.
  • Save 15% on ELISA kits from RayBiotech, DRG and Enzo
  • Save 10% on ELISA kits from eBioscience and Southern Biotech
* Please state campaign code when ordering: 
RayBiotech CM00246, DRG CM00247, eBioscience CM00248, Enzo CM00249


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