Our end-of-year sale has begun!

01.10.2019 | Our end-of-year sale has begun!


Update magazine is out now with more than 35 great end-of-year offers you do not want to miss.


Save big on products for both research and diagnostics. Get for example:


  • 25% off purification kits + free chocolate with the annual MN Classics campaign
  • Save up to 224.600,- on imaging sytems from Azure Biosystems
  • Save up to 20% on selected Enzo products
  • 10-15% off ELISA kits and antibodies
  • Great savings on BioTek instruments
  • Great savings on Fluidigm products
  • Save up to 20% on essential labware from Eppendorf

You will also find great deals on products for IHC, flow cytometry and more ...


Find all campaigns and details in Update magazine by clicking the image below:




MN Classics 2019

01.10.2019 | MN Classics 2019


Save 25% on popular purification kits from MACHEREY-NAGEL and get a free box of chocolates when you order for DKK 1000,-*


See campaign products in this flyer.



*Maximum three boxes of chocolate per order.

To receive the chocolate you must order by email or phone. 

According to declaration no. 1155 (the Health Legislation), we cannot offer chocolate to public health care workers.


Please state campaign code when ordering: CM00296




Santa Cruz Campaign

22.05.2018 | Santa Cruz Campaign

Buy any 2 or more Primary Antibodies from Santa Cruz, and receive for free:

One Cruz Marker™ MW Standards (sc-2035)  + choice of one MW Tag antibody.
Choose between:
Cruz Marker™ MW Tag-Alexa Fluor® 790:  sc-516731       
Cruz Marker™ MW Tag-HRP:  sc-516732
Cruz Marker™ MW Tag (unconjugated):  sc-516729 
Cruz Marker™ MW Tag-Alexa Fluor® 680:  sc-516730
NEW Cruz Marker™ MW Tag-Alexa Fluor® 488:  sc-516790
NEW Cruz Marker™ MW Tag-Alexa Fluor® 647:  sc-516791

* Offer is valid when ordering by email or telephone only.



Discover the advantages of monoclonal antibodies

05.07.2017 | Discover the advantages of monoclonal antibodies

Buy 1 antibody from Santa Cruz and get free monoclonal antibody samples.
Would you like to compare a monoclonal antibody from another supplier with a Santa Cruz one? Or do you use a polyclonal antibody and would like to test a monoclonal one?
Then buy one antibody at full price and get free samples of monoclonal antibodies.
Monoclonal antibody advantages
Strong signal with little non-specific background
Epitope specificity
Minimal lot to lot variation
Uniquely suited for Direct (HRP, FITC, etc.) Conjugates
Contact us for more information about the campaign. 

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