Single Cell Analysis

Maximize your insights from just a single cell

Cells are as unique as research projects and getting the right combination of instrumentation, assays, and reagents is crucial to obtain valid results and gain new insights. Our experienced product specialists can guide you to the best setup for your unique project to allow for deep proteome, transcriptome, and genomic insight in single cells. We are ready to help you maximize your insights.

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Transcriptomic and genomic insight

With single-cell genomic applications you can identify differences between individual cells as well as get insights on how a population is divided into subpopulations with different profiles and functions. Single cell analysis can reveal genes to be anti-correlated while seeming fully correlated in bulk analysis.
Explore our solutions for rapidly and reliably isolating, processing, and profiling individual cells. The solutions are available in multiple applications such as high-plex qPCR, miRNA expression profiling, whole genome sequencing, whole-exome sequencing, and targeted DNA sequencing.

Proteomic insight

For many years, flow cytometry has been the gold standard for single cell proteomic analysis. Modern, easy-to-use flow cytometers have made the application accessible for a broad range of research projects. Furthermore, flow cytometry is undergoing rapid development, making way for new opportunities.
Mass cytometry will enable you to make even deeper profiling and to overcome the challenges of high-plex fluorochrome-based studies. Combining analysis with spatial information, you can get a complete, detailed map on how your profiles’ populations are interacting in solid tissues samples.

Combine and reveal the dynamics of RNA and proteins

Innovative solutions make it possible to simultaneously measure both transcriptome and proteome on most platforms. See if your RNA expression correlates with your protein level or identify RNA or miRNA where no antibodies are available.

A wide selection of antibodies

Choose between 10,000+ ready-to-use antibodies. Cannot find the right conjugate for your antibody of choice? We also provide easy-to-handle conjugation kits or we can offer a conjugation service.  Independently of which platform, species, or research area, we will find the right solution for you.

Instruments for your every need

To help you break new ground, we supply a wide range of flow- and mass cytometers (CyTOF) from innovative and leading manufacturers. We also have small instruments to support your setup; for example, we have cell counters from the most innovative brands in the industry. Find a solution no matter whether you have a small or large sample of cells.

Give your cells optimal conditions

Getting optimal results does not only depend on reliable instruments, but also on your sample preparation, concentration, suspension, etc. We are ready with the right tools, reagents, and small instruments, to give you an optimal starting point for your analysis.
Give your cells optimal conditions to ensure that your results are not influenced by your choice of consumables. We have plates and flasks designed to promote healthy cells and reproducible results.

Professional guidance for your single cell, flow-, or mass cytometry projects

Our experienced product specialists are ready to help you with competent guidance for your specific instrument or setup. In our high-quality portfolio for single cell analysis you will find products from the world’s most innovative and leading suppliers. We are ready to cover your research needs now and in the future.