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Next generation sequencing (NGS) is one of the most pioneering technological advances in the past decade and enables sequencing of large amounts of DNA. The method has opened for new possibilities in discovering DNA variations and mutations.
In our portfolio, you will find everything you need for your workflow with sequencing, including support from our experienced product specialists. Find products for every step of your workflow from purification, to library preparation and quality control over the last sequencing step. We are ready to support your next advances in sequencing with high-quality products and the most innovative technology within the field.

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The important first step of sequencing

Purification of DNA is a critical step in the process of sequencing, as purification of your DNA allows for better end-results. No matter the amount of DNA you have available, securing pure DNA will help you achieve the best results possible.
We offer high yield, high quality and purity DNA and RNA purification kits for clean-up of your DNA. You will find a long range of purification kits for e.g. genomic DNA from tissue, plasmid and endotoxin free plasmid purification, direct genotyping and environmental sample eDNA from water. All kits are produced within the EU and of the highest quality.
No matter the amount of sample you have available, you have several options: Single spin column for low sample throughput; for medium throughput you may choose manual vacuum manifold in single columns, 8-strip columns, 96-well column format, and for high throughput we offer magnetic beads (MagBeads). Find vacuum manifold column-based purification for automated workflows compatible with all open liquid handling platforms and robots.

Prepare your library

Library preparation is an important step of your workflow in sequencing. You will find MagBeads for clean-up and tunable size selection, both manual and automated NGS library preparation. It is compatible with NGS targeted DNA enrichment through PCR and HIFI polymerases and long-read sequencing. You will also find products for single cell preparation and NGS library multitarget cancer panel preparation.

Quality control

Quality control (QC) will give you reliable assessment of library concentration and quality. To ensure the highest quality possible and optimal processing of valuable samples, we introduce next generation quality control with fluorometric DNA/RNA concentration measurements in single- and high throughput sample workflows. In addition, you can get sample contamination estimation for PCR-inhibitors with full-spectrum spectrophotometric analysis.

The next generation in next generation sequencing

Get excited about the next generation in next generation sequencing: long read sequencing. Long read sequencing has more than 50 kbp (kilobase pairs) read length and high precision sequencing of single native DNA in real-time. It offers you the opportunity to examine single nucleotide variants (SNVs) and structural variants (SVs) normally not available - including deletions and sequencing of NGS dead zones in high/low GC% regions with homopolymers and other low complexity regions with motive repeats.

Powerful instruments for sequencing and analysis

Powerful instruments based on innovative technology will allow you to get the most comprehensive view of genomes, transcriptomes, and epigenomes. Imagine simultaneous collection of data from millions of wells to sequence long fragments of native DNA. We offer the most innovative technologies to let you move your research forward.

Professional guidance for all your sequencing projects

Our experienced product specialists are ready to guide you to the best solutions and products for your workflow in sequencing. Our specialists are ready to talk about achieving high accuracy, quality control, finding the right kits and platforms, and much more. You will find products from leading manufacturers and developers in our high-quality product portfolio.