Full workflow solutions for your genotyping projects

AH diagnostics has solutions for every type of genotyping project you may embark on. Find the best solutions for every step of the genotyping workflow; from purification, over quality control (QC) and assays to analysis. No matter if you genotype by sequencing or by PCR/qPCR, you can rely on us to provide innovative technology and high-quality products to propel your research forward.

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Many ways to genotype

There are many ways to genotype; analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), variations of long or short tandem repeats, and other DNA fingerprinting methods. Genotyping information is useful and can be gained through PCR, qPCR, or sequencing methods.
Genotyping by sequencing will give you all the information. Long-read sequencing (sequencing the whole genome) gives you a full picture of the genotype – surpassing short-read technologies.
If you already have a panel of targets, you can significantly reduce your costs with a targeted approach. We supply fully automated solutions with the possibility to make sequencing-ready libraries with thousands of targets - fast and economical.
Genotyping by PCR/qPCR allows for allelic discrimination from PCR followed by restriction enzyme digestion and gel electrophoresis. With qPCR methods, allele-specific probes or allele-specific PCR primers can be used to discriminate between different SNPs. Alternatively, you can use an intercalating dye (SYBR or EvaGreen) followed by a melting profile, such as high-resolution melting (HRM) analysis.

Ensure the best start with high-quality DNA

The most common genotyping methods are based on PCR, and highly pure DNA is preferred, without inhibitors to influence your later results. You will find a variety of specialized purification kits in our portfolio; from simple cell lines to FFPE tissue over forensic to stool.
We offer silica-based solutions from single columns to 96-format that can be handled by vacuum or centrifugation. We also have a broad variety of magnetic beads, making automatization on liquid handling robots easy. Our specialists can guide you to protocols for your liquid handling robot or guide you to which instrument will be the optimal solution for your projects.

Instruments for every need

We have a wide range of instruments used in the genotyping workflow. We can help you find sequencers, NGS target enrichment systems, high-throughput (HTP) qPCR platforms running thousands of samples, traditional 96 well qPCR instruments, and innovative 48-well qPCR platforms. We also supply instruments for QC and concentration measurements to ensure that your sample has the expected quality and concentration. We can guide you to the instrument that meets your needs. We also supply CE-IVD marked platforms.

High-quality assays, panels, and reagents

We provide customized assays for your research project or you can choose between validated panels, e.g. sample ID for biobank QC and sample tracking. In combination with high-quality instruments, master mixes, and consumables we secure you the best foundation for your next experiment.

Take full advantage of our genotyping experts

Unsure of what the best solution to your genotyping project is? Our experienced product specialists are ready to help you with competent guidance for your specific setup or instrument. We have a diverse portfolio of instruments for genotyping, making it possible to find the optimal solution for your unique project.