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Long-Read Sequencing

PacBio Sequel IIe

Pacbio - Sequel IIe System

HiFi data enabled directly from the sequencer

The Sequel IIe System allows HiFi data generation directly from the instrument. The instrument outputs HiFi data, which is the only highly accurate long-read data type on the market allowing you to discover actual biological variation versus sequencing errors. 

  • Better data quality requiring lower coverage using one single sequencing technology

  • Less time spent on data processing and downstream analysis for faster answers

  • Significant cost savings on data storage, compute power and compute time at every step of your sequencing pipeline

  • Sequel IIe comes with a new version of SMRT Link which allows for cloud-computing support, a new genome assembly analysis application for HiFi-based de novo assembly and push button SARS-CoV-2 analysis



Analysis Software

Inivai - FlowLogic

Inivai - FlowLogic™

Innovative, intuitive and affordable software

Four powerful features in a complete analysis suite.

  • GateLogic™: Everyday analysis with intuitive tools
  • PlateLogic™: Powerful analysis made easy
  • GraphLogic™: Plot statistics made hassle-free
  • DocLogic™: Analysis results that are ready to show

Mass Cytometry Analysis Software

Fluidigm Cytobank Solutions

Fluidigm - Cytobank Solutions

Cloud-based multiparameter analysis

The Cytobank Solutions platform allows you to perform both standard and advanced analyses on your CyTOF data. It is a secure cloud-based solution that provides an end-to-end workflow for your high plex cytometry data. Analyze 4 to 50+ parameter data using standard tools such as gating, in addition to advanced analyses and visualizations such as SPADE and viSNE. The software includes a collaborative tool that allows you to work with colleagues across disciplines and locations.

  • Analyze multiparameter data

  • Visualize findings and produce high-impact graphics

  • Archive data for ready access and compliance

  • Collaborate with colleagues across disciplines and locations