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Special Proteine Analyzer

Binding Site - Optilite®

Binding Site - Optilite®

The future of special protein analysis

Optilite® is a benchtop analyzer fully optimized for protein analysis. The instrument can improve efficiency, workflow optimization, and increase confidence in results.

  • Automatically does necessary re-dilutions to reach end result
  • Samples, reagents, and cuvettes can be loaded continuously
  • Three methods of antigen excess detection provides unparalleled protection
  • Simplify data security through automatic lot number recognition and full traceability

Binding Site

Digital RID Plate Reader

Binding Site - RID Reader

Binding Site - RID Reader

Automation of precipitin ring measurement

The digital RID plate reader provide an automated way of measuring precipitin rings. It simplifies and accelerates the process of reading precipitin radial immunodiffusion rings.

  • Showing enlarged and clearly defined rings on the screen
  • Easy quantification of ring sizes increases accuracy of results
  • Steady viewing of the rings decreases chances of user error
  • All data and images can be stored
Binding Site

Validation Software

Validation Software

Binding Site - DataSite®

Software for Binding Site protein instruments

DataSite® software is developed to increase efficiency and assist in obtaining consistent and reliable results.

  • Quality Control Management and validation modules
  • Enhance efficiency with antigen excess tracking and management
  • Use autovalidation to increase productivity
  • Full traceability of samples, reagents, results
  • Dynamic dashboad with informative indicators and turnaround time
Binding Site