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Real-Time PCR (qPCR) Instrument

Bio Molecular Systems Mic Real-Time PCR qPCR Instrument

Bio Molecular Systems - Mic

Let magnetic induction technology improve your qPCR data

The Mic from Biomolecular Systems is the world’s first magnetic induction cycler. Reap the benefits of magnetic induction technology to improve your qPCR data. In addition, it comes with the best analysis software on the market.

  • Carousel design for temperature uniformity and data reproducibility
  • Intuitive software with complex algorithms applied at the touch of a button
  • Wireless robust communications
  • Seamlessly integrated with Myra liquid handling robot from Bio Molecular Systems
Bio Molecular Systems

Long-Read Sequencing

PacBio Sequel IIe

Pacbio - Sequel IIe System

HiFi data enabled directly from the sequencer

The Sequel IIe System allows HiFi data generation directly from the instrument. The instrument outputs HiFi data, which is the only highly accurate long-read data type on the market allowing you to discover actual biological variation versus sequencing errors. 

  • Better data quality requiring lower coverage using one single sequencing technology

  • Less time spent on data processing and downstream analysis for faster answers

  • Significant cost savings on data storage, compute power and compute time at every step of your sequencing pipeline

  • Sequel IIe comes with a new version of SMRT Link which allows for cloud-computing support, a new genome assembly analysis application for HiFi-based de novo assembly and push button SARS-CoV-2 analysis



Real-Time PCR (qPCR) Instrument

Agilent AriaMx Real-Time PCR System

Agilent - AriaMx Real-Time PCR System

Intuitive and flexible qPCR instrument

This intuitive and flexible qPCR instrument is a fully integrated solution. It is a flexible and advanced optic system for real-time qPCR. Start with the filters that match your current needs and easily upgrade later..

  • Factory-calibrated and ready to go
  • Modular design with intuitive interface
  • Superior data, thermal control,
  • sensitivity, and validation
  • Unique spectra-optimized LED
  • cartridges
  • Upgrade to HRM – the fastest way to confidently identify hard-to-detect genotypes

Agilent Technologies

VisionArray System

ZytoVision - VisionArray® Analysis Package, Mini Slide Centrifuge

ZytoVision - VisionArray® Analysis Package, Mini Slide Centrifuge

Complete detection and visualization of genotypes of HPV and presence of mycobacteria

Analysis package to complete detection and visualization of genotypes of HPV and presence of mycobacteria in samples. Includes software for analysis and interpretation of both HPV genotyping and identification of Mycobacteria.

  • Fast and easy - results on the same day

  • Analysis and interpretation in less than 1 minute

  • Intuitive software


Detection Kits

ZytoVision - VisionArray Detection Kit

ZytoVision - VisionArray Detection Kit

Detection kits for hybridization and detection of HPV genotypes and identification of Mycobacteria

  • CE-IVD approved reagents

  • Easy to handle


Detection Kit

Enzo Life Sciences - SAVIEW and POLYVIEW PLUS Detection System

Enzo Life Sciences - SAVIEW® and POLYVIEW® PLUS Detection System

Detection kit for FISH/CISH analysis

Detection kit for research for FISH/CISH. These detection kits work with both IHC and ISH. High-quality kits for use whether you are working with a sensitive nano-polymer detection system or a streptavidin-based system.

  • Ready-to-use reagents
  • Use for both IHC and ISH
  • Both manual and automated platforms
Enzo Life Sciences

Manual Detection

ZytoVision - Microscopy and Filters

ZytoVision - Microscopy and Filters

Visulization of FISH or other flourescence indicators

From single band up to triple band filters for visualizing multiple fluorochromes – perfect for visualization of FISH or other fluorescence indicators.

  • Fluorescence filters compatible with most microscopes

  • Filters in various colors: DAPI, blue, red, orange, gold, and green

  • Filter holders for Leica, Nikon, Zeiss, and Olympus microscopes