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Mycobacteria Genotyping

ZytoVision - VisionArray® Detection of Mycobacteria

ZytoVision - VisionArray® Detection of Mycobacteria

Simultaneous detection of Mycobacteria

CE-IVD approved qualitative detection and identification of M. tuberculosis complex and Nontuberculous Mycobacteria.

  • Fast and easy - results on the same day

  • High sensitivity and specificity

  • CE-IVD approved for clinical laboratories

  • Low cost per sample

  • Easy to handle


Bacteria and Fungi Staining

BioVision - Microbiology Staining Kits Bacteria and Fungi Staining

BioVision - Microbiology Staining Kits

IVD approved staining for bacteria and fungi

Several staining kits and reagents for pathology including the bacterial staining kits. The special staining kits are intended for use in the histological visualization of organisms, cell types, structures in tissue sections, cell smears, etc.

  • Gram Staining (several options)
  • Mycobacterium (Fite´s)
  • Giemsa
  • Fungi
  • Mycopolysasaccharides
  • Hepatitis B (HBsAg)
  • Pneumocystis carinii
  • Helicobactor Polyri
  • Legionella
  • Spirochete
  • Cat scratch Fever bacteria
  • Blood parasites

Bacteria Staining

Merck - Bacteriology

Merck - Bacteriology

IVD-approved staining for bacteria

These staining kits for bacteriological investigations are suitable for use in clinical diagnostics and industrial quality control, as they are IVD-registered, CE-certified, and undergo thorough quality control. Using these kits, you are certain to get high quality, long shelf life, and batch-to-batch consistency. It ensures that you get definitive reproducible results, even in difficult diagnostic cases.

  • IVD-registered
  • CE-certified
  • Ensurance of definitive reproducible results
  • Gram staining
  • Mycobacteria staining
  • Trichomonads-staining