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DeNovix DS-11 Series Spectrophotometer Fluorometer

DeNovix - DS-11 Series Spectrophotometer/Fluorometer

Award-winning performance

Perform both critical contamination detection and fluorometric concentration determination for sample normalization before downstream applications like qPCR and sequencing. This instrument is highly accurate and has outstanding sensitivity.

  • Designed by one of NanoDrop™’s founders
  • Measures non-stop with AutoRun
  • Spectrometer and fluorometer in one instrument
  • The most accurate and sensitive spectrophotometer on the market
  • Sample volume down to 0.5 µL


Purification - Blood



Direct PCR from human and animal blood samples

Genotype fast from human and animal blood and blood dried and blood cards.

  • Direct blood handling with the Blood Transfer Tool
  • Inhibitor Removal Pearls for superior PCR results
  • For human and animal blood samples

Purification - Mouse



Ultra-fast lysis and PCR of mouse DNA

This kit allows for rapid mouse typing experiments using common samples such as hair, blood, tail clips, and ear punch.

  • Save time and money for your mouse genotyping workflow
  • DNA preparation within 5 minutes
  • Loading dye included for following gel electrophoresis
  • Designed for tail, ear, blood, and hair samples

Purification - Food


MACHEREY-NAGEL – NucleoSpin® Food

For rapid isolation of DNA from food and feed

Get high quality DNA from food and feed. For small-scale isolation of genomic DNA.

  • Complete removal of PCR inhibitors so that you can get high-quality DNA
  • Low amounts of partially degraded DNA can be purified from complex matrices
  • Get the highest flexibility with the possiblity to get DNA from various sample materials

Purification - Veterinarian



RNA and DNA isolation for veterinary diagnostics

Isolation of viral RNA/DNA and bacterial DNA with magnetic-bead technology.

  • One kit for all isolations
  • Extraction of viral RNA and DNA from veterinary samples
  • Small elution volumes for highly concentrated RNA and DNA for maximal sensitivity

Purification - Plant

MACHEREY-NAGEL – NucleoMag® Plant

MACHEREY-NAGEL – NucleoMag® Plant

Rapid isolation of DNA from a multitude of plant and fungi samples

The NucleoMag® Plant kit is convenient for rapid manual and automated small scale prep of DNA from plant samples.

  • Efficient plant tissue lysis by optimized CTAB buffer chemistry
  • Small elution volumes ≥ 50 μL possible for convenient downstream processes
  • Scalable magnetic bead technology facilitates automation

HTP Purification

MACHEREY-NAGEL – NucleoVac 96 Vacuum Manifold

MACHEREY-NAGEL – NucleoVac 96 Vacuum Manifold

Rapid manual parallel purification of nucleic acids

Eliminate the time-consuming centrifugation and decanting steps with the use of vacuum. Designed to be used with the 8-well and 96-well NucleoSpin® kits and NucleFast® kits.

  • Save time on centrifugation and decanting steps
  • Based on ultrafiltration technology
  • Spacer sets to accommodate suitable microtiter
  • plates, deep-well blocks (round-well and square-well blocks), or microtube racks for
  • collecting samples

Microplate Spectrophotometer

BioTek Instruments Epoch Microplate Spectrophotometer

BioTek Instruments - Epoch™

Compact monochromator-based microplate spectrophotometer for UV/Vis absorbance

The Epoch™ microplate spectrophotometer offers filter-free UV/Vis absorbance readings for applications like DNA/RNA quantification, Protein quantification, and ELISA.

  • UV/Vis absorbance 200-999 nm
  • 6-to 384-well plates
  • Spectral scanning, endpoint, kinetic, and well area scanning measurements
  • Small footprint
  • Take3™ micro-volume plate compatible
BioTek Instruments

Liquid handling

Hamilton Microlab Prep

Hamilton - Microlab Prep

Automation, So You Can Focus on Innovation

Get ready to revolutionize the work in your lab by replacing manual pipetting with the efficiency and accuracy of the Microlab Prep. The Microlab Prep packs Hamilton’s signature quality and efficiency into a mini liquid handler workstation that easily fits on a lab bench or in many biological safety cabinets. Features same high speed, high-quality pipetting technology that you find on any larger Hamilton liquid handlers, including active pipetting monitoring. 

When to use automation:

  • Many samples in use
  • Full plates or tube racks
  • Ergonomic issues are a concern
  • A need to increase reproducibility while decreasing errors

Hamilton logo

Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

BioTek Instruments - Synergy Multi-Mode Readers

Compact and affordable readers automating all detection modes with superior performance

The Synergy multi-mode readers utilize a unique dual-optics design combining monochromator for filter-free UV/Vis absorbance and filters for maximum sensitivity of fluorescence determinations.

  • Fluorescence, UV-Visible absorbance, Luminescence
  • 4-Zone incubation
  • Linear, orbital, and double orbital shaking
  • Angled injectors for rapid inject - read assays
  • Take3™ micro-volume plate compatible
BioTek Instruments