Supporting your FISH, CISH and ISH projects from beginning to end

Find the right solutions for every step of your workflow in FISH, CISH and ISH - from the initial sample preparation to detection. The right setup will ensure that you get the best visualization and valid results from your samples. Among others, we have CE-IVD approved probes for the clinical laboratory, nick translation kits, and kits that makes it possible to study mRNA in solid tissue, and we are always ready to guide you to the best setup.

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Selecting the optimal method

In Situ Hybridization (ISH) is a powerful technique that allows you to identify and localize nucleic acid targets in formalin-fixed tissue sections and cells. Use it to identify genetic aberrations, e.g. translocations, deletions, amplifications, and chromosomal aneuploidies. Whether you select to visualize your RNA and DNA targets by fluorescence (FISH) or chromogenic (CISH) detection, you can be sure to find the best products and guidance for your workflow with our specialists.

Preparation of tissue and hybridization

The initial and important step of FISH, CISH and ISH is to prepare your tissue for hybridization, before adding probe. For pre-treatment, we have heat pretreatment solution, rubber cement, wash buffers, DAPI, and solution to minimize autofluorescence. When you are ready to hybridize, we can provide you with different hybridizers that allow you to obtain the optimal temperature for your probes.

The probes for any need - also the rare ones

No matter whether you are working in a clinical lab or in research, we have probes for you. We have more than 250 CE-IVD approved probes for solid tumors, hematology, and pathogens. Several of them are with both fluorescence tag and chromogenic tag to support your preferred choice of method.
Looking for more rare probes? We have you covered with nick translation kits, so you can make your own unique probes. You can get customized mRNA probes and our vendors have more than 6,500 mRNA off-the-shelf probes.

Detecting and visualizing your findings

For detection of your probes, we have several kits for both solid tumors and cytology samples. We can even provide kits that can work both for FISH and CISH but also with immunohistochemistry (IHC).
We can provide instruments for both automated detection and manual detection, depending on your preferences for visualizing your results. AH diagnostics can help you with the right filters for your microscope to ensure that you get the optimal visualization of your probes. You can even get your slides analyzed using one of our high-end imaging modules.

Perfect your workflow with expertise and guidance

To help you get the most out of your FISH, CISH, and ISH, our product specialists are trained and experienced in the methods themselves. Furthermore, they continuously update and expand their knowledge with seminars and product news from leading developers with molecular pathology - all to ensure you the best guidance and professional sparring.