Win a PINK Automated Cell Counter

Hello new automated cell counter - Goodbye expensive plastic slides!
Win a PINK Automated Cell Counter
Meet the DeNovix CellDrop™: An automated cell counter bringing the simple Load, Measure & Wipe Clean functionality to cell counting.
Count cells without slides        
  • Reduce plastic waste in your lab
  • Eliminate disposable slide costs
  • Automated cell counting and viability in seconds
DirectPipette™ technology
  • Simply lower the arm, pipette 10µL of cells and press 'Count'
  • Range of cells from 7x102 to 4x107 cells per mL and cell diameters down to 4µM
  • A stand-alone instrument with built-in WiFi, Ethernet, and USB exporting Pre-installed EasyApps such as Trypan blue, AO/PI, GFP, yeast, and more
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